B.Com, ACA


Giri is a highly aspirational and motivated young leader who is an ACA professional and a B.Com graduate. His area of expertise within the organisation is in management of technology products including technology aided services and in accelerating technological disruption towards development of the offering. He possesses diverse and multi-faceted skillsets and is well-versed with functions such as accounting, taxation, transfer pricing, audits, risk management, controls implementation & effective operation and is savvy in financial nitty-gritties. He comes with 4+ years of experience working with Deloitte prior to joining Accsource where he was responsible for management of organisations which were global leaders in their area of operation. He has rich experience of working with top management of various corporations cutting across industries and geographies during the tenure with Deloitte. Thanks to the multi-dimensional industry experience ranging across domains such as technology services, manufacturing, human resource management & staffing, his business deftness, leadership thinking and decision-making is on-point. He is cherished by the organisation for his service mentality, never give-up attitude and for being an inspirational leader.